Evolutionary & Adaptive Systems

Notes and coursework from the University of Sussex's EASy MSc. course, 2006-7.

Masters Thesis

On Simulations of Corticospinal Projections - 5.4MB
The complete version of thesis is available on request from the author and contains all the matlab, C++ code and extra data for the project.

Spring Term

Dynamics of Development:
On Reductions in Dynamic Degrees of Freedom - 1Mb

Adaptive Systems:
On Adaptation via Ultrastability - 3.2Mb

Computational Neuroscience:
Presentation on "Cortical Development and Remapping through Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity"
STDP Assignment

Neural Networks/Neural Computation:
Assignment 1
Assignment 2

Autumn Term

Artificial Life
On Dynamics of Searching Behaviours - PDF (0.9 Mb)

Intelligence in Animals and Machines:
On Problems of Self-Organisation - PDF (87 Kb)

Formal Computational Skills:
An Investigation into the Dynamics of a Continuous Time Recurrent Neural Network Node - PDF (1.0 Mb)


All work by Richard Potter, University of Sussex, 2006-7.
Source code available on request for all projects.

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EASy Research

CCNR - Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics Research.


Adaptive Systems

Artificial Life

Computational Neuroscience

Dynamics of Development

Formal Computational Skills

Intelligence in Animals and Machines

Neural Networks/Neural Computation

Programming Techniques

Topics in Evolutionary Theory