This is mostly a collection of random thoughts, code ideas and examples I generate while poking at things.

Mostly its going to be MySQL, PHP, Javascript, C++, Java, Drupal and a few other related techonlogies. Occassionally there will be drivel on Continuous time recurrent neural networks (CTRNNs), ultrastable systems and rants about UI design (I’m looking at you Amazon Kindle).

Hopefully, you might find something useful here and if you disagree, then please comment away.

Most of the code posted won’t be pristine, it won’t have nice test driven development code baked in and I probably won’t be rigorously checking function contracts or providing robust error handling. Not because I don’t believe in these things, but when showing examples, this tends to onscure what you’re really trying to say as well as scare off those trying to learn how something works.

  1. Hi,
    Saw your Feeds Tamper pricesfixer plugin, and have an additional question.
    I have some D7 Link (www.drupal.org/project/link) fields, which I import through feeds.
    I would love to be able to use feeds tamper to change the absolute url to a tinyurl/shorturl, and than show the visitors the tinyurl.
    They can more easily copy the url than, and it is better for social media.

    Are you willing to help me with building a Feeds Tamper plugin which
    1) goes to the drupal tinyurl module and changes a absolute url to the created tinyurl
    2) then places this tinyurl into the link url field as a posibility for formatter.

    Would be great to have this feeds tamper submodule, and I think lots of people can benefit from it.

    Thanks a lot for your reply in advance!
    Greetings, Martijn

  2. Feeds tamper plugins are pretty easy to write. I will try and write a demonstration of how to shorten urls in the next week. Thanks for your comments.

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