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Humboldt Park Track

Unfortunately a lot of the addresses are approximate, though the cross streets are often from historic newspaper archives. This is also not a complete list, as there were many temporary venues for six-day racings and other velodromes such as the Ravenswood track which are mentioned only in passing.

Chicago Stadium, West Loop

Chicago Stadium

1800 W Madison, (1920-1941).
Indoor, wood. Held many six day races. Stadium torn down to construct United Center.

Chicago Bike Racing Track, Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park, (1928-1946).
Originally cement, then wooden. Wooden track was 1/8 mile (approx. 202 meters), located in the southern part of the park. Held six-day races in 1935-1936. Held six day races in 1935 & 1936. Location of the U.S. Olympic Team tryouts in 1940. Closed in the late 40s due to fire.

Location approx between Augusta Blvd. and Division St. And between Sacramental Blvd. and Kedzie?

Further Details

Ravenswood track

Outdoor. Assume this was at the Ravenswood Racetrack, organized in a similar way to Garfield Park. Not found much documentation outside of vague references concerning Major Taylor.

Garfield Park track

Garfield Park, (1897-?).
Location is approximately 3700 W Jackson Blvd. Portland cement, outdoors, approximately 805 meters. Bike track built inside horse racing track with athletic fields in the middle; whole area covered 60 acres.

Track was 1/2 mile and 18inches (approx 805 meters). Banking was 299 feet (approx. 91 meters) inside with 376.5 foot (approx. 114 meters) straitaways.

Major Taylor set various world records here.


Grant Park? (1996).
Outdoors, wood with steel sub-structure. Approx 154-167 meters long, 54deg banking. Temporarily constructed at the Taste of Chicago (1996).

Gately Stadium

Gately Stadium - Pan American Games Track

Pullman (1959-?).
810 E 103rd St. Outdoor, 250 meters, wood. Built for 1959 Pan American Games. Assume track was temporary as little mentioned afterwards.

South Side Ball Park

South Side Chicago (1893).
Approximately 35th Street & Wentworth (Probably in the South Side Park - Cubs original home.) Site of the 1st World Track Championship (Aug 11-12th 1893). Built as a temporary track for a week long racing event

International Amphitheater

aka Dexter Park Pavilion (1915-1917?).
43rd and Halsted. Hosted various 6-day events (inc. first six-day in chicago with paired teams). Temporary tracks typically 11 laps to the mile

Chicago Coliseum

South Loop (1916-1938?).
Wabash Avenue, between 14th and 16th Streets (Blackhawks original home). Hosted various 6-day events (1910-30 approx). Hosted crowds of over 7,500 to watch races in 1916. Typical track was 10 laps per mile

Riverview Velodrome

Northwest Side, (1915-1916?).
Roscoe Boulevard & Western. Opened May 1915 with 15,000 specators watching professional & amateur racing (teams from Newark, Salt Lake etc). Had an attached club the Riverview Cycling Club.

Tattersalls Building

16th Street (1897?).
Large conference/event space. Used mostly for horse shows. Held a 1987 6-day race billed as the "Championship of the World" (21-27th Feb).

Other various temporary tracks built for 6-day racing

Rialto Arena, north side of chicago. Hosted 6-day race in 1928.

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