We can’t call it…

I’ve been cooking for friends again on my return to the states and slowly creeping back to mostly Vegan cooking. Most recently I made some¬†Tempeh Chili Con Frijoles for some friends.

It was good but because there was a lack of good guacamole/avacados (how I miss going to the market and buying some ripe for today (leo) and some ones for later (kesho) from our official avacado supplier in Kisumu) I though that sour cream might be a nice topping.

I made the mistake of buying some “We Can’t Say It’s Sour Cream“, as that was the only vegan sour cream available from Whole Paycheck. Its one of those products that gives vegan food a bad name, its got an odd gritty complexion more akin to grits than cream and the taste is definitely sour but closer to off-yoghurt than sour cream. Everyone thought it was one of the most unpleasant things that had been in their mouths for a while.

The mere fact its called “We can’t call it sour cream” really seems like a cruel joke, as well, you can’t call it sour cream as its pretty unpleasant in texture and flavour. Seems so strange when Tofuti make a pretty decent sour cream so its not as if this is a revolutionary product.

And apparently I’m not alone in this, which is also odd and the sheer fact I now have a giant tub of something I can’t stand to eat just makes me sad and a little angry. I hate wasting food but unless there was a huge donation to Kulisha on the line, theres no way anymore of this is going inside of me.

So please don’t judge vegan food from this, or from the smell of Chicagos finest vegan cheese¬†(which is definitely better than it smells but not as good as Sheese). There are definitely better options out there.

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