Monthly Archives: December 2010

In Kenya for NYE

We made it to Kisumu and are currently counting down the New Year on the roof of the Sooper Guest House. Pretty quiet all around aside from boisterous German/Dutch group also on the rooftop.

Hope everyone has a great start to 2011

Moving in 8deg weather is for idiots

We just finished moving out into storage and learnt all the lesssons discovered by those that move in Decemeber in Chicago. Basically it sucks! The wind is brutal, snow/slush/ice will get all over your stuff, gate locks freeze and you will find yourself at somepoint with a sofa stuck in a door frame while the wind causes icicles to form on your nose.

You’ll will inveitably move on day when the freight evelvator is out of service, someone will slip and break something heartbreakingly special. The list will go on. You will question your sanity and relationship almost hourly.

Anyway, we’re almost there so please be patient with us while we relocate.